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Tyre Marketing Presentation

Websites / Web Applications May 2014

During my employment with The Co-operative Motor Group in Lincoln one of the projects I was asked to complete was to create a method to present tyre prices to customers. The software needed to be simple to use, easy to update and provide the information to customers quickly. In addition, the machine which the presentation would run on would also be used to lookup tyre prices when requested. As a result, the user needed to be able to remove the presentation quickly in order to use the machine.

When designing this software it was decided that a good solution would be to make use of the slideshow screen saver built into Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. This would allow the presentation to show to customers easily and a simple move of the mouse would allow the machine to be used for lookups. This also gave me to opportunity to work with image generation in PHP as this is something I had not come across before.

The finished system successfully took the users input (tyre information such as size and make along with their corresponding price etc…), then generated the correct number of images to cover the whole list. The images used the same basic template and just applied the information over the top. From a personal point of view this gave me valuable experience with image generation and was an enjoyable project to work on. I was also very pleased with the final result.




As this system is run on the companies local network, there is no external access allowed. As a result, I’m unable to provide a link to this project and I was unable to attain a copy of the original work. Due to this, the gallery image is a manually created remake however l0ok almost identical to the ones the system creates.

The reason this work has been categorised as websites / web applications is because the application was written using PHP and runs on a local web server. Although this work is locally ran, the skills involved are more consistent with web application development rather than traditional desktop development.

Rights to this work belongs to The Co-operative Motor Group in Lincoln as it was developed during my employment with them. I have been given permission for this work to be published to this (my online portfolio) website.

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