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Renault Manufacturer Site Redesign

Websites / Web Applications October 2014

During my employment with The Co-operative Motor Group Lincoln, the management team decided it would be beneficial to redesign the website. There were many reasons for them doing this, including having to meet various manufacturer standards. This process was planned to happen in stages, completing each manufacturer at a time. Unfortunately I left the business before the entire website could be redesigned however the Reanult pages where successfully launched.

Designing these pages was not as straight forward as first thought, as there are many Renault standards which needed to be met before anything could go public. Once the designs were complete they went through a stringent checking process. It was first checked by management at the Co-operative Motor group, then by the manufacturers contact at Renault. It was then finally checked by quality control at Renault UK. This ensured the designs where perfect before any development began.

One of the main aims with the designs was to show as much information while sticking within the guidelines. As a result a linear design was implemented. This design allows the marketing team to advertise as many or little offers as they wish, without worrying about limits, as was the case with the pervious design.

This system was created using ExpressionEngine as a form of content management with templates made from PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery on top. Once development had been completed the work went through a very stringent testing process whereby it was checked for cross browser compatibility and different operating systems. This testing process also included systems using older versions of HTML and CSS. Once passed, they where placed live.

An additional positive achieved through the new designs was the page load speed. Due to the development techniques used, such creating effects using CSS rather than images dramatically decreased the number of page requested required for complete page load, significantly improving the page load speed and therefore the customer experience.




Rights to this work belongs to The Co-operative Motor Group in Lincoln as it was developed during my employment with them. I have been given permission for this work to be published to this (my online portfolio) website.

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