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Websites / Web Applications May 2013

I started RapidFlow as I was in need of a basic online accounting solution that I could use to invoice and quote various clients. The software also needed to keep track of the amount of money I was taking in as well as being as to store client information such as name, telephone numbers etc…

Firstly I looked around at some of the big names in the business such as FreshBooks but found that all of the systems which did what I wanted where premium services which required a subscription. This was not ideal for me as the income I was producing was minimal. This gave me an idea to create my own, this way i’m able to get all of the features i’m after without the need for a subscription. During creation I thought it would be a nice gesture to offer the software to the public as well so that they too may enjoy what it has to offer.

Thus RapidFlow was born. The software is now capable of performing all of the tasks I wanted but with also some added extras such as the ability to email a PDF invoice or quote directly to the client from within the software. This is a very handy feature.

The software however wasent just created without any thought. It was built around one aspect, it has to be quick. As a result of this, the main search function is a just a search bar which has insta search capabilities meaning the system is searching the records as they type, the feature dramatically reducing the time it takes to find information when using the system. This search function has been implemented for finding invoices, quoted and clients.



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