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Mazda MX-5 25th Anniversary Landing Page

Websites / Web Applications August 2014

During my time with The Co-operative Motor Group in Lincoln I was tasked with creating many different types of software including some promotional material. One example of this is the Mazda MX-5 25th anniversary landing page. This page was to be used as the online landing page for all advertisement being used when advertising the new vehicle (such as flyers and news paper advertisements).

When designing this webpage, the managers asked me to try and make it as interactive as possible. Once the user visited the webpage, they wanted them to engage with the page rather than just reading it. There are two reasons for this, one to make the webpage more interesting for the user and the second to try and keep the user on the webpage longer. As a result of this, I started by including a video at the top of the page, which I thought would peak the users initial interest. As the video plays automatically on page load, the user has very little to do for the advertisement to take place. When finished watching the video, it was hoped that they would have gained enough interest to scroll further down. If so, they would find an interactive high resolution image of the new vehicle. This allows the user to scroll their mouse over various parts of the vehicle in order to learn some of the main features.

Now the user has learnt some of the special features and seen some promotional material (the video), I felt it was time to give them some solid information regarding this offer. Keeping with the interactive aim of this project, I included a horizontal navigation menu with sliding boxes to display the information. This section of the webpage allows the user to see lots of information about the vehicle including some overview information about the model, all of the vehicles features, the finance example and also the ability to book a test drive.

Lastly, once the user has been given the facts about the vehicle, I included a high resolution image gallery to finish the page. This reminds the user what they have been looking into and hopefully temps them to either make contact or book a test drive.




Rights to this work belongs to The Co-operative Motor Group in Lincoln as it was developed during my employment with them. I have been given permission for this work to be published to this (my online portfolio) website.

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