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Websites / Web Applications July 2014

When I initially started with The Co-operative Motor Group they already had some data feeds in place, however they were not always reliable and didn’t function in the way they wanted. As a result, one of my first projects with the company was to create some more data feeds. These feeds would be responsible for controlling the advertisement of used vehicle stock with vendors such as AutoTrader, BikeTrader, Ebay and more… The data needed to collect information from the companies content management system, process and remove any vehicles which are not ready for sale or have sold, then finally reformat all of the information so it met the specifications of that vendor.

There was already a system in place which downloaded the data and stored it within a local MySQL database. It also gathered the imagery too. As this system worked, it remained in place. My new data feeds then took the information gathered from this process and organised it ready for its specific vendor. Then, at a certain time each day the information would be sent to the vendor automatically and placed online. As the data feeds where responsible for controlling which vehicles went live, it meant no vehicle was being advertised if it was no longer available for sale. This meant the company could make full use of its allocated advertisement slots.


The reason this work has been categorised as websites / web applications is because the application was written using PHP and runs on a local web server. Although this work is locally ran, the skills involved are more consistent with web application development rather than traditional desktop development.

Rights to this work belongs to The Co-operative Motor Group in Lincoln as it was developed during my employment with them. I have been given permission for this work to be published to this (my online portfolio) website.

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