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Beer Advisor

Phone / Tablet Apps May 2014

Beer Advisor was created as part of my assessment material for the Social Applications and Development module undertaken during year 3 of my Masters of Computing degree with The University of Lincoln. If you wish to obtain a copy of the application or a copy of any documentation then please contact me using the features available on this website.

The application idea that has been chosen for this assignment is based on the health theme. The idea is to create a way for a user to look up information about various beers and breweries. This idea is relevant to the theme as the app will allow the user to gain in-depth knowledge about various beers such as the alcohol percentage, the ingredients used to make the beer and the brewery that made it along with its information such as whether the beers made by the company are organic and a list of other beers they make. This means the user is able to get a clear image into the health implications of drinking a particular beer or a beer from a particular brewery. As a result they are able to make a clear, informed decision on the choice of beverage they consume.

The application will also have some more features that will further enhance its contribution to this topic area. Based upon the different categories the chosen API allows, the application will be able to suggest other beers the user may like by selecting beers from the same category. This means if, for example, the beers within the category old ale have less of an alcohol percentage than those within strong ale then the beers being suggested to the user have a good chance of being a similar percentage and standard. As a result the application is instantly giving the user a choice of drinks that they will most likely enjoy and also will be a similar type to those they have already researched.

This content has been taken from the assessment documentation created as part of this module.


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